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As Executive Sponsor of the BAME Diversity Group and a Member of the UKI Diversity Council for 7 years, Ajay’s mission has been to raise awareness of the challenges facing ethnic minority employees, and to drive initiatives to attract, develop and retain ethnic minority individuals within IBM. The strategy has been ‘top down’ ensuring the IBM UKI Board understands the importance of attracting ethnic minority employees, and ‘bottom up’, encouraging new graduates to be actively involved from the outset. At the same time, he is a mentor to managers and professionals, helping manage their careers within the IBM Corporation. Externally, Ajay has been a reverse mentor to the Director General of the House of Commons, and regularly sits on panels or delivers lectures on the importance of ethnic minority inclusion. IBM recently won the Diversity Champion of the Year at the British Muslim Awards, and Ajay has been an integral part of many IBM wide awards for ethnic minority diversity and inclusion. Additionally, he is a Trustee of a new charity, OneKindAct, granting c.30% of funds to support education needs, and 75% of funds in Asian/African continents.

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