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As Chair of the Aon UK Multicultural Network, Ajay has developed and executed a strategic plan building a more inclusive environment for BAME colleagues and developing internal leaders. He has held a number of events helping BAME employees to develop their careers, network and discuss industry-leading issues and has also launched a nationwide web-series profiling BAME Role Models focusing on staff at all levels. In 2017 Ajay co-founded a new industry-wide network (iCAN – Insurance Cultural Awareness Network) – which is the first network set up to support and recognise the careers of BAME and International colleagues in the insurance industry. He has led the London BAME events for “Dive In”, which included 16 cities globally and focused on pertinent BAME issues of recruitment and career development, and leadership. Ajay was also recently promoted to the steering committee of TNON (The Network of Networks) and regularly develops opportunities for young BAME people to develop their careers at Aon and beyond.

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