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Albertha played a key role in the PwC Colour Brave campaign, presenting at the launch event and promoting the campaign in and out of PwC . Also, as part of PwC’s Talent & Diversity council, a key focus for her has been helping to get greater ethnic minority representation on career defining opportunities. As part of this, she sponsored PwC’s most extensive national ethnic minority focus group campaign. She is also working with her local business unit to implement the strategies agreed by the Talent & Diversity Council. As a sponsoring partner for the multicultural business network, Albertha frequently shares her personal story through lunch time sessions, and offers coaching sessions. She was the host Partner for the PwC annual graduate mentoring scheme, and continues to mentor a large number of ethnic minority staff across PwC. Externally, she works with various diversity organisations and charities, doing panels and presentations to the ethnic minority community. Albertha was awarded ‘Financial Services Leader of the Year’ by the BBBA, was a focus group participant for their ‘The Middle’ research and part of the consultation team for the BBBA’s follow up Talent Accelerator program in response to the research.

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