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Globally Andrew is one of Accenture’s cross-cultural leads, tasked with educating and setting best practice examples for working across cultures and ethnicities. With most Accenture Operations colleagues based in India, this is an important role, ensuring that cross-cultural business relationships are based on mutual respect and understanding. He has been the executive sponsor for Accenture’s African-Caribbean Network for the last four years, representing the interests of its 360 employee members at UK Board Level, and working with global leadership on the broader I&D agenda. He is accountable for all annual network events, including a series of prominent Black History Month events, and oversees several ethnic minority recruitment, development, progression and retention activities. Under his leadership, they also won Network of the Year for their internal inclusion efforts. Externally, Andrew mentors three ethnic minority individuals from various industries, providing them with career guidance and helping to maximise their potential. He is a founder member of the UK Executive Leadership Council, and has recently been asked to become the UK Chair and co-lead of the global expansion committee.

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