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Anit is executive sponsor for the Cultural Fusion staff network, which aims to spread awareness of race issues in the company and to provide all employees a place to promote the opportunity bought by a diverse culture. His specific role is to give mentorship and support to the team that run the network and to use his role as a one of the few senior ethnic leaders in the business to act as a role model. He has been nominated for internal awards, recognising his inclusive leadership style and diversity activities. Externally, he has used his place on last year’s EMpower list as a platform to speak on ethnic minority diversity and inclusion in the workplace. He has been invited to speak at various events on how to overcome discrimination in the workplace, and what organisations can do to make their workplace more inclusive to ethnic minorities. Recently, he has been appointed as a NED of the East London NHS Foundation Trust. Anit took a deliberate decision to target this sector after identifying that this essential national entity does not adequately represent the populations that it serves.

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