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To truly drive an inclusive culture within SAP Ariba and SAP Fieldglass, April is instrumental in aligning business goals with HR goals, and has helped push an innovative diversity initiative. Through a variety of diversity and progression programmes, she has set targets for diversity representation with the organisation, to be reached by 2022. She has also worked to promote supplier risk and supplier diversity solutions that help SAP Ariba buyer and supplier customers support ethnic-owned and women-owned businesses. Externally, April mentors and coaches young future business leaders through a variety of community projects aimed at students from ethnic minority backgrounds. April serves on the board of GiveClear, and has served on the board of Liberty Foundation, and served for 2 years as the lead of Visionaries, the business community of Liberty Church in NYC. In these roles she mentored, coached and supported business people in both the entrepreneurial fields and corporate functions. April is regularly asked to speak on gender and ethnic pay parity, and often appears in the media discussing the importance of diversity & inclusion.

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