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Bridget has continuously advocated and encouraged diversity throughout the business, championing a number of related programs. She runs face to face sessions for ethnic minority employees, allowing her to meet with and understand the increasingly diverse workforce at O2. These sessions are being used to tackle key issues hindering progression, setting up mentor and sponsor schemes for ethnic minority individuals within the store community, and awareness campaigns amongst the stores population to improve visibility of areas of concern. Bridget has championed the roll out of unconscious bias training and presented BAME issues to the board. Bridget runs a program for women who have overcome diversity and many of these women are from the BAME community. For many years, Bridget has also mentored external ethnic minority individuals in the industry, as well as being a mentor on the Retail week ‘Be Inspired’ campaign. She has received numerous internal and external awards, as well as attending and speaking at many external events and sitting on a number of industry panels.

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