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Bukola is a senior Compliance and Financial Crime expert with extensive experience in the Financial Services industry. She is also passionate about the progression of women and BAME professionals in the workplace. At each organisation Bukola has worked at, she has been an active member of the Women’s network as well as the Multicultural or BAME networks. She provides advice and insights on targeted, value added events which can bring incremental change to the lives of the BAME staff within the organisation. She actively mentors BAME professionals and dedicates many hours monthly to providing career advice and encouragement to them. She also actively sponsors the careers of a number of high potential BAME women and has created and provided promotion opportunities for them when that would not have otherwise been possible. Additionally, in 2015, she founded a not for profit social enterprise called Career Masterclass which is focused on imparting women and BAME professionals with practical skills that they can use to build and enjoy a successful career.

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