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As an outspoken advocate for gender and ethnic diversity, Cecilia works tirelessly to close the gender and racial gap while opening doors in the corporate technology sector. During her time as COO of Citigroup Markets and Securities Services Technology, Cecilia launched Prometheus, an initiative to develop the female talent pipeline to achieve leadership positions, serving as an African American role model in her own right. She is founder and chair of Tech Women Today, a platform that showcases women in technology and a resource for women who want to be leaders and increase their influence in the workplace. Cecilia also consults with companies to help them identify and attract talent from BAME backgrounds, and has been featured in Precious, women of colour magazine and Kontrol magazine. She is an active spokeswoman on the subject of ethnic diversity across the tech industry and multiple organisations. She has participated in a WonderWomenTech talk about BAME inclusion in technology and the importance of diversity, and was chairperson of the Women of the Square Mile Conference for women who work in finance.

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