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As the co-founder and Chair of the CMS BAME Network, Cherie has developed a program with the graduate recruitment team to ensure that each intake of new trainees has an induction session where the BAME Committee discuss diversity in law, and the BAME Network’s availability for support, advice and mentorship. She has also developed a monthly newsletter which focuses on BAME news and culture, which has resulted in increased engagement with the BAME Network and a more inclusive workplace environment. Cherie informally mentors several young people whom she has met through events and networking, providing them with advice and support, and connecting them with other organisations or professionals. She is an active member of the Society of Black Lawyers, and assists in supporting BAME internships at the African Court on Human and People’s Rights and developing a BAME student conference. She also works with other external networks to collaborate on BAME events and share best practice.

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