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As a Chinese/British, female entrepreneur, Colleen sees her personal diversity as an asset to her company’s welcoming environment, and as a positive example to other diverse business leaders. She is often contacted by people from all ethnic backgrounds who are interested in joining her company and who are looking for advice on building a successful start-up as an ethnic minority. She regularly supports other businesses run by ethnic minority people and shows her support through attending events or engaging in social media. Colleen has been very successful in her short time as a business owner, indicated by being a finalist for Microbusiness of the Year at the British Small Business Awards 2017, and finalist for Entrepreneur of the Year at the First Women Awards 2017. Inspiring Fifty have also listed her as one of the 50 Most Inspiring Women in Tech. Additionally, Colleen was recently announced as the winner of AXA’s Staying Independent with Tech Challenge. 

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