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Daniel Taylor, a man of Caribbean decent, is the founder and CEO of award winning Design and Build company: MDC Group, formerly known as Metro Design Consultants. He is a clear representation of the benefits of ethnic minority inclusion and diversity in his own right. He has turned his a-typical approach to inclusion and diversity into a competitive advantage, which is changing the landscape in his industry. His knowledge, accumulated from over 30 years in the industry, and relative rarity, have provided him with opportunities to excel on projects which require a level of internal diversity, and the ability to understand a wide array of cultures. This has proven beneficial as he has led his team to win a number of international clients including: Norwegian Air, Skype, Facebook, Harley Davidson and MTV to name a few. Aside from his successful business however, Daniel has also taken strategic board positions on a small number of minority interest groups, where he gauged he can make the best impact. These include; The Aleto Foundation, The Powerlist, The Black British Business Awards, and WinTRADE Week London.

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