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Dawood built Reluctantly Brave to improve access for ethnic minorities, and other underrepresented groups, to the creative industries. This is at the core of Reluctantly Brave’s competitive advantage – being creative requires diverse thinkers. In this past year, he has led on the creation of a new corporate purpose, highlighting diversity and putting it at the forefront of everything they do. He also established alternative recruitment processes to avoid the industry’s ingrained biases against ethnic minority people. He and his team continue to coach and mentor young ethnic minority people, from those considering their educational choices to those already employed. Externally, Dawood is a Commissioner on the London Borough of Islington’s Fair Futures Commission, where he has a strong focus on improving the lives and opportunities of young ethnic minority people. He regularly takes on numerous speaking engagements to inspire young ethnic minority people, and more generally share learning on inclusion best practice. Additionally, Dawood’s youth programme within Reluctantly Brave saw him win a National Diversity Award, recognising his innovation in community inclusion efforts.

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