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Dawood built Reluctantly Brave to improve access for ethnic minorities and other underrepresented groups to the creative industries. This is at the core of Reluctantly Brave’s competitive advantage – being creative requires diverse thinkers. This year, he directed the set-up of the London chapter of the (Young) Braves program that trains 16-24 year olds in key skills for the industry and gives them real experience, grew the US network of College Braves to involve US college students in training and creative work, and ensured that Reluctantly Brave’s client work focused on getting their team and clients to work closely with young people from a wide variety of backgrounds. He continues to speak at schools across London, championing diversity in creative industries. Dawood has also formed a movement of entrepreneurs from non-conventional backgrounds, with a significant BAME focus, which aims to be a coalition of companies dedicated to bringing difference to the heart of business. Externally, Dawood was a commissioner on the London Borough of Islington’s Fair Futures Commission, through which he focused on improving the lives and opportunities of young ethnic minority people. He regularly takes on numerous speaking engagements to inspire young ethnic minority people and share learning on inclusion best practice. Dawood has deepened and broadened his advisory role for the NGO Bite the Ballot on how to get more young BAME people involved in the democratic process. He was a finalist for the BBBAwards, Black entrepreneur of the Year 2018 and won the DIMA 50 Male Advocates for Equality in Marketing & Media 2018.

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