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Dawood co-founded and grew a cutting-edge consultancy/creative agency with inclusion at its heart, not only because that is the right thing to do but also because diverse talent delivers better results for clients. Leading companies, large and small, are benefitting from this vision and Dawood’s creative insight, including Starbucks, Louis Dreyfus Company and Boots Opticians. Dawood made inclusivity, for BAME people and other underrepresented groups, ingrained in Reluctantly Brave’s day-to-day operations. His team has been chosen for their inclusive attitudes and he ensures each of them has the opportunity to work with or mentor people from different cultural backgrounds. Applying his experience coaching senior executives, Dawood coaches and mentors younger BAME people at various stages of their careers, from those considering their educational choices to those already employed. Externally, Dawood is a Commissioner on the London Borough of Islington’s new Fair Futures Commission. He also takes speaking engagements in many places, sharing inclusion best practice, including at Oxford University, Morgan Stanley, London Southbank University, and Mossbourne Academy in Hackney. Additionally, he is building an inclusive-access-to-creative-industries movement internationally through work with Fontys University (Netherlands) and the University of Michigan (US).

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