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Dewole is leading the charge for the Fujitsu to bring a coaching culture to Sales. One of the express aims of this initiative is to prioritize “potential” over “experience” in Fujitsu’s hiring practises. He is the Treasurer for the Parent Teacher & Friends Association (PTFA) for the Emmanuel Community School. This is a free school in the heart of gentrifying Walthamstow (E17) that has a greater than 80% BAME representation. Dewole is a Non-Executive Director of One World, an NGO whose mission is to empower the worlds poorest people through technology. Dewole also coaches two BAME entrepreneurs., helping them establish and grow their companies. He also has won Gold Start – Innovation Award, and a Bronze Award for going the extra mile to improve the “Forecasting” interlocks between Sales and the Finance and Delivery organizations.

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