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Diane is a co-chair of BP’s Positively Ethnic Network (PEN), an influential, employee-led group that is at the forefront of a step change in diversity and inclusion.  Building upon her work in safety culture, Diane has led an impactful strategy review that consolidated the direction on mentoring, sponsorship and recruitment, and also leads the “Engaging Senior Leaders” workstream, producing workshops to counteract unconscious bias through empowering teams to make structural changes to systems and processes.  Diane believes that ethnic diversity gives a competitive advantage that makes a big difference in creating value, and feels that mentoring and sponsorship are vital in skills-building for success.  To this end, Diane designed and implemented a mentoring scheme involving senior leaders mentoring people of colour, which was then successfully applied widely in the diversity groups in BP.  She is an advocate and mentor, supporting numerous ethnically diverse candidates internally and external to BP to manage dilemmas and focus on fulfilling their potential. Diane is also a member of “The Circle NGO”, which fights for equal rights for women all over the world.

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