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Having supported the Aon multicultural network in the UK, Dominic took an active role in working with the US Black professional network following his relocation to Chicago, now serving as co-executive sponsor for the Aon Black Professional Network (BPN). He helped develop the network from a series of chapters to the first coordinated national business resource group with clear goals. Dominic mentors several BAME colleagues at Aon in the UK and the US. As a member of the Aon Executive Leadership Team, Dominic has specific diversity & inclusion goals in his annual performance measures. Beyond Aon, Dominic is on the board of Embarc, a Chicago based non-profit, focusing on high schools in low income Chicagoland neighbourhoods, driving student success with long-term social and cultural exposure. He has developed the Aon/Embarc relationship and held community socials which serve to connect students with Aon colleagues, delivering the sharing of experiences and inspiring the art of the possible.  Dominic has also organised discovery sessions with corporate community affairs leaders from around Chicago to test Embarc’s value proposition/partnership model and learn what was most important from their perspective, with the goal of developing Embarc’s corporate engagement strategy.

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