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Donna chaired the EDF Energy BAME Network for 2 years, increasing membership by 126%, leading the EDF Energy Indoor Athletics Challenge, part of the London 2012 legacy and delivering an event where Lord Ouesley was invited to share his career pathway to success with the aim of inspiring network members. Donna joined UKA in 2017 and was made aware of the disconnect between the organisation and Black coaches, so she delivered a project for Black History Month in that same year focusing on BAME athletics coaches; and created the ‘COACH’ Photographic Exhibition, which recognised the contribution Black coaches give to the sport and aimed to inspire the next generation of Black coaches, while supporting Black coaches into leadership roles. Last year, the exhibition was hosted by ParliReach at the Houses of Parliament, supported by ministers. The project has raised the awareness of the vast skills that athletics coaches have and the relationship between Black coaches and UKA has improved. Donna also set up the ED&I Advocate Group, developing ED&I activities and an upcoming mentoring programme. As a breast cancer survivor and a Breast Cancer Now (BCN) Ambassador, Donna feels it is her duty to spread awareness and be a visible woman of colour to help make a difference. She is a Sport Honours Committee member, aiming to encourage more nominations from BAME backgrounds. Donna is a member of numerous other organisations, including the Cabinet Office Diversity & Inclusion Group, where she promotes ethnic minority inclusion.

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