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As a Director at Hewlett Packard, Donna’s influence has ranged from managing a UK focused transformation programme to leading implementation of organisational change including impact on people. Donna has been a Risk Partner with delegated business approval; responsible for all work based in India providing to public sector clients and negotiating/renegotiating all multi £m deals (£10m+).
Donna has spoken at a number of events; Treasury Women and BAME network; Lead like a woman; BT; Accenture ; Kensington and Chelsea networks to showcase career opportunities value add that BAME’s bring to the workplace.
Formerly when at IBM, Donna was the Ethnicity Diversity sponsor, and created a programme for BAME’s to be coached by executives who in turn have helped to create a more inclusive workplace. The programme was commended by Race for Opportunity. In addition to this, Donna has ‘Reverse mentored’ two board members of the UK country leadership team so they could begin to drive changes in their respective parts of the business.

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