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Dorothy serves on Finsbury’s Global Diversity committee, which focuses on supporting initiatives around the business to foster a more balanced workplace across gender, racial and sexual orientation bounds. This includes initiatives such as delivering unconscious bias training to leadership, ensuring that recruitment practices encourage the interviewing and selection of individuals from varied backgrounds, as well as developing affinity networks within the company. Additionally, as part of this role, is involved with Finsbury’s ongoing support of the Taylor Bennett Foundation, which seeks to address the need for greater diversity in the public relations industry. Dorothy also serves the wider WPP organisation as Finsbury’s executive sponsor on the WPP Roots Steering Committee, a committee which seeks to promote diversity and inclusion through the culture and work across agencies. Away from the office, Dorothy has helped to establish of the London (UK) Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, an 73 year-old international charity and NGO which is committed to enriching, sustaining and ensuring the culture and economic survival of those of African descent. Dorothy has served as Vice President of the chapter and was recently elected President and Trustee. Dorothy has been listed in the Top 100 Women to Watch by Cranfield University, and co-leads the Investor Relations practice for the EMEA region as Finsbury seeks to expand its footprint.

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