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Within Sainsbury’s, Raj co-chairs the BAME network, co-leading all work streams, and organised six BAME inclusion events at regional, zonal and national level. He supports listening groups and learning sessions for BAME colleagues, and organised an inclusion event for senior leaders, providing insight, support and challenge for leadership. Raj is a member of the inclusion steering group and launched an internal BAME role models campaign for the Sothern Zone, which  saw more than 50 business leaders share personal stories to inspire other colleagues to take action on their own development. He is involved in mentoring BAME talent across the company and has sponsored BAME colleagues on courses geared towards fast tracking management promotions. Raj has worked hard to deliver improvements to policy, making Sainsbury’s a more inclusive place to work, and to product proposition, making Sainsbury’s a more inclusive place to shop. Externally, Raj has organised and led numerous D&I events, helped other corporations launch BAME networks, and delivered insights about what it is to be a BAME role model to various organisations, helping to support them through their D&I journeys. Raj has been recognised as a BAME role model by Sainsbury’s and as a top BAME inspirational leader by The Guardian (Investing in Ethnicity Award).

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