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Farah Siddiqui is the Founder and Global President of Faithforce, the interfaith employee resource group at Salesforce, and a Manager of Trailhead Programs and Processes. Farah is a proud Muslim, Pakistani-American woman, an ally, and a role model for many. About two years ago, Farah recognized a gap in Salesforce’s equality story — there were employee resource groups around race, gender, ability and sexual identity, but none around faith. In partnership with the Office of Equality and another Salesforce employee, Farah founded Faithforce, now the fastest-growing employee resource group, with more than 1,700 members in 12 regional chapters around the globe. With Farah’s leadership, Faithforce has worked to build a culture of empathy and belonging for people of all beliefs through inclusive educational, intersectional and philanthropic events that celebrate and honor our faith diversity. Faithforce rallied the company in support around their Muslim, Christian and Jewish employees after hate-motivated attacks in Christchurch, Sri Lanka and Pittsburgh. Farah has also worked to create faith inclusion initiatives like multi-faith prayer spaces at customer events and conferences as well as in their offices. Inspired by her parents’ commitment to uplifting their community in South Florida, Farah’s commitment to equality extends beyond Salesforce. Farah is part of the Muslim Women’s Association in Chicago, who work to empower Muslim women, fight for social justice, give back to communities as well as provide mentorship to young Muslim women from various cultural backgrounds. Farah took part in and helped organize service projects, was chosen to MC their annual Celebrate Muslim Women event, and has been part of their mentorship program. She also volunteers with IMAN, the Inner-City Muslim Action Network, an organization that offers health, wellness and healing to Chicago’s inner-city neighborhoods.

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