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Having acted as Executive Sponsor for the BNY Mellon Women’s Initiative Network (WIN), Ileana utilised the experience and knowledge she built and applied it to ensuring the growth of BNY Mellon’s multicultural network, IMPACT. Now, in her third year as Co-Executive sponsor, she has been instrumental in enabling the group to become the second largest resource group and strategically driven its transition into a vital business resource group. Recognising the importance of senior management buy in, Ileana has utilised her position of influence amongst her peers, to drive the conversation around ethnic minority inclusion and broader diversity. In particular, she leads by example, advocating the business and moral imperatives, and bringing attention to the importance of demographics and transparency. Ileana also ensures that her visits to global teams are impactful, and sheds light on diversity and inclusion through her participation in events and panels. Outside of work, Ileana is a proud founding member of The Networks of Networks (TNON), which provides BAME leaders within the organisation with a platform for cross-company/network collaboration. Additionally, Ileana has spoken at the Women in Islamic & Ethical Finance network where she joined a panel focusing on Women Climbing the Corporate Ladder.

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