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Keith’s team identifies the best talent across channels, evaluates and screens applications, and hires them into Bain. This includes leading recruiting activities for Bain’s diversity groups, including Blacks at Bain, Latinos at Bain, Veterans at Bain, BGLAD, the firm’s worldwide LGBT-employee network, and Women@Bain. Keith also supports Bain’s client work in areas related to talent acquisition, development and diversity. Additionally, he was the global leader of Blacks at Bain (BABs) for 10 years. During his tenure as head of BABs, he was in charge of several initiatives, including coordinating the annual BABs conference, organizing pre-MBA recruiting activities for black students and working with local office teams to organize mentoring and community-building activities. Outside of Bain, Keith currently serves on the board of the Ancona school, where he previously served as Chairperson. Ancona is the only independent school to adopt Multicultural Curriculum Strands for learning, introducing students to authors, experiences and materials that reflect scholars from around the globe. Keith’s also holds a leadership role at Trinity UCC, a predominantly African-American church in Chicago, and a board membership at Alternatives Inc. Most recently, Keith was honoured with the first annual Marty Edelman Distinguished Alumni Award from the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

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