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Valuing diversity is at the core of Leena’s personal value system. The organisation started with gender and had good results and are now using the same model to show results in BAME Diversity too, particularly in North America. In 2016 they increased People of Colour representation at manager level and above, by over 22% and they now have eight active Business Resource Groups with over 2000 employees participating including Black Excellence at Unilever, Latin American and Asian American Business Networks. Leena was responsible for leading Unilever to become a Founding Sponsor of the Jackie Robinson Foundation which supports minority students in higher education. She also leads on their partnership with Executive Leadership Council where they have offered 15 scholarships to Unilever Black and Hispanic talent to attend a week long leadership development week. Externally, she has been actively involved in the youth employability space for a number of years; heading a collaboration with the National Skills Development Corporation of India with the objective of training 1 Million youth, by 2020 in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Indian towns for practical training in employable skills.

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