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Lola was selected out of 447,000 employees to represent Accenture at the prestigious One Young World summit, which attracts future world leader to discuss how to make an impact in the local and wider community. Additionally, Lola represents Accenture at university, networking events, panel discussion to attract BAME graduates. She  was a panellist at WCAN Annual Conference at Goldman Sachs which attracted 100 young black females, panelist for Women in Engineering at Sheffield university, spoken at events at LSE, Accenture Tech Visionaries boot camp which aims to attract more females and BAME candidates .She was was part of an internal team that created a mentoring programme for black employees called, Go and Be Great, with the aim of connecting junior black employees to black senior members of employee to tackle the retainment of black employees within Accenture which has been backed by senior leadership within Accenture. Outside of work, she set up an initiative called thinkHER, which aims to exist to inform, educate and connect young women (14-19-year olds), particularly from a BAME background, with opportunities that will make a life-changing impact. Lola also sits on the LifeSkills by Barclays Youth Advisory Council.

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