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Over the last two years, Mandhir has increased the diversity of his direct leadership team to have 33%  women, 20% with an Afro-Asian ethnicity and 12 different nationalities represented. In his business he has also rolled out a women’s development programme for first-tier management to ensure a diverse talent pool is coming through the organisation. At the beginning of 2017, Mandhir became chair of the BP Positively Ethnic Network, which has over 500 members, and was most recently a panel member for a global webcast on Respect & Inclusion with an audience of over 4,500 participants. Mandhir is also the BP Executive Sponsor for Durham University, where he has taken an active lead to encourage people from different backgrounds and cultures to apply to BP. He also coaches and mentors a wide range of individuals across all age groups and cultures, and helps them navigate application forms for multi-national companies.

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