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Having noticed the lack of visible gay East Asian role models in his own life, Martin created an industry leading intersectional reverse mentoring programme at Oliver Wyman to raise awareness of multiple minority identities and experiences in the workplace. To date, the scheme has mentored over 100 senior individuals globally and become a mandatory part of the senior management training curriculum, as well as inspiring similar programmes in FTSE 100 companies under Martin’s guidance. Martin regularly speaks about his lived experiences as an LGBT+ East Asian and explores the intricacies of navigating collectivist culture with an open LGBT+ identity. He uses the power of storytelling to make his unique struggles and lived experiences more visible to the next generation, and to senior figures who may not have considered the intersection of BAME and LGBT+ identities. To tackle the representation problem in the UK, Martin founded the East and Southeast Asian (ESA) Project, the first UK non-profit organisation that focuses on achieving equal representation for East and South East Asian identities in media, business and politics. Having already worked with numerous charities, local youth groups, schools and universities, Martin hopes to continue the work of the ESA Project to expand the representation of LGBT+ people of colour for future generations.

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