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Martin set-up Oliver Wyman’s first cross-employee network reverse mentoring programme which has seen senior business leaders come together and discuss workplace discrimination. During Oliver Wyman’s Diversity Month in April 2018, he launched an intersectional poster campaign to celebrate high profile individuals with diverse identities and hosted discussions at Oliver Wyman’s offices to recognise and promote the great work of their allies. He has developed several toolkits to help raise awareness about privilege, intersectionality, and allyship in the firm. Outside of work, Martin recently took part in the cross-organisational Mission Include mentoring programme, where he mentored ethnic minority youth and reverse mentored senior leaders across a range of industries. Having noticed the lack of visible gay South East Asian male role models, Martin uses mentoring as a way to make his unique experiences more visible to the next generation but also to raise awareness amongst senior figures who may not have properly considered the intersection of BAME and LGBT+ identities. He has worked with numerous charities, local youth groups, schools and university societies to ensure diversity and inclusion is considered in day to day operations – and to highlight how unconscious bias and privilege affects their decision making.

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