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Barrington Hibbert Associates is a top-tier executive search company, working predominantly with FTSE 100 companies. It also has a focus on promoting equality in the City. A great deal of its research and development projects focus on inclusivity and diversity, and the company practices the standards it sets. BHA works continually to ensure that the workplace is not only welcoming and inclusive, but also representative and a meritocracy. The company also contributes to other firms’ diversity and HR policies, advising leadership, with particular focus on mentoring programmes, reverse mentoring, and top-down adoption of the changes necessary to influence organisational culture. BHA has partnered with inner-city schools, which have a significant BAME attendance – running workshops on employment in the City, and offering internships at BHA. Outside of his professional role at BHA, Michael is also involved with a number of programmes and initiatives focused on BAME equality including, as an AMOS Bursary mentor, a designated Role Model with the REACH Society; and in 2012 he founded the Barrington Hibbert Foundation, offering scholarships to BAME candidates from low-income families, between 18-21 years old in full-time education.

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