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Mo has been involved with National Grid’s employee resource groups for over 12 years, including as Chair of the faith@work network (part of the BAME network) for the last three years. Through this he has been responsible for setting and cascading strategy, presenting diversity opportunities and issues at Executive meetings, and helping deliver numerous inclusion and diversity projects, i.e. reverse mentoring senior leaders, educational programmes, and representing employees on a variety of BAME matters. He has also been involved in developing policies, metrics, and collaboration sessions on inclusion and diversity matters with National Grid’s legal supply chain which have been recognised externally as market best practice. Externally, Mo has been involved in panel discussions on BAME topics, supported other organisations on employee resource groups’ best practice, and has been involved in cross organisational mentoring programmes. He has also helped the local community in securing funding to build a multi-million pound community centre, which helps all age groups from the BAME community. In 2017 Mo was voted a Hot100 Lawyer by the Lawyer Magazine as well being recognised as a leader in the legal operational excellence space.

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