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Morgan is an active member and event organizer for IMPACT, BNY Mellon’s multicultural BRG, which believes in leveraging differences to encourage collaboration and promote a diverse, inclusive and successful workforce. Morgan incorporated an IMPACT info session into all campus hire orientations. She is also a member of BNY Mellon’s Hispanic Latino Leadership Forum and Latino Advisory Group, two groups committed to empowering Latinx talent to realize their full potential. Morgan is a planning committee member for Hispanic Heritage Month, and singlehandedly proposed, developed, organized and led an initiative known as the “Sophomore Summit” that aims at providing diverse students with an inside look into the financial services industry as well as career coaching and skill-building workshops. Prior to becoming the Global Head of Campus, Morgan took the initiative to incorporate an element of diversity recruitment into her role, leading diversity-specific recruitment initiatives to encourage persons of colour to apply for internships. She has represented BNY Mellon at over 20 diversity conferences and career fairs, and has led the firm’s recruiting workstream for the annual ALPFA convention since 2016. Externally, Morgan is a career coach at The Opportunity Network, which works with students from systematically underrepresented communities in developing their skills, knowledge and passions to achieve their college and career goals. She speaks at various D&I conferences, and for the Selective Corporate Internship Program. She is President of the Fellows Board of the National Society of High School Scholars and a dedicated advocate and volunteer for the local Bronx, NYC community where she attended college.

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