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At Primesight, Naren ensures that diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of his team’s minds. He regularly monitors the ethnic make-up and recruitment of his workforce to ensure that they truly reflect the society they work in. He also serves as Chair of the Primesight Diversity Group, to ensure that diversity initiatives have the support from the top of the organisation and has implemented a mentoring system to provide career advice to their ethnic minority employees. Naren has also recently put the company through a benchmarking process, to understand where they sit among competitors and how they can improve their inclusion efforts. Primesight has been nominated for a variety of industry awards, and Naren is featured on the Campaign A list. Externally, Naren is a Trustee for NABS (National Advertising Benevolent Society) and sits on their Finance Committee. He also recently set up Media for All, and  is part of the Media Diversity Task Force, and is an advisor to Creative Access. He regularly speaks at industry events on the topic of diversity in the media, and has been involved in Speakers for Schools. Through all of these activities, Naren forms mentoring relationships to pass on his advice and passion for diversity to the next generation.

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