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As Regional Business Leader, President and CEO of North America, Orlando is directly responsible for all of the natural gas and liquids, power, and derivatives trading and marketing activities across all of North America and now moving into South and Latin America. In the last few years as a senior executive at BP, Orlando has taken the opportunity to really focus on helping the company make a difference in the area of diversity and inclusion and believes that authenticity is the only way you can get people to listen and hopefully make a change.
Over the last four years he has been the Executive Sponsor for BP Pride in North America, but more importantly a strong ally who can proudly say has made a difference in the acceptance culture, both inside and outside of the company. Orlando is also a regular mentor to many employees with a variety of backgrounds, disciplines and aspirations.
Outside of work, Orlando is actively involved in university recruiting, most recently becoming the BP global executive sponsor at University of Michigan and Michigan State, as it gives an opportunity to build relationships with and gets BP out in front of the new generation of oil and gas employees. He is also constantly on the road speaking at various industry forums, or meeting with regulators or politicians.

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