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Piers is personally involved in a number of businesses as an investor, shareholder, director or adviser, and diversity and inclusion from the board down is important. Until 2017 he was a director of a listed company with Sir Ken Olisa also on the board, which is rare representation on the board of a UK PLC. He regularly leverages his public profile to bring about change by raising awareness and inspiring ethnic minority people to aspire. This has included being visible as an Investor on prime-time TV shows such as Dragons’ Den or as a Non Executive Director of the government-owned British Business Bank. He has also been recognised on the Power List 100 and was the winner of the inaugural Black British Business Awards as Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014. Additionally, Piers is a founding trustee of The Aleto Foundation, which hosts multi-day Leadership Programmes (or ‘boot camps’) structured to provide delegates with a life-changing confidence boost which will enable them to deal as equals with their student peers. He is also a regular public speaker for corporates and in schools, colleges, and even prisons, instilling confidence and opening minds to empower ethnic minorities.

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