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Raj’s aim within Green Park is to better the wider community through diversity and inclusion initiatives which remove the barriers stopping organisations from realising the benefits of a diverse workforce. He has recently placed the UK public sector’s most diverse board in history and, through high-profile assignments, bettered the D&I processes and hiring strategies of some of the UK’s leading organisations. In 2016, he launched the social enterprise DRIVE which aims to affect an extra 150,000 diverse hiring choices over the next five years. He also publishes diversity reports to provide statistically valid data into the ethno cultural and gender composition of top leadership positions. He also launched The Colour of Power alongside Operation Black Vote: The UK’s first visual depiction of the UK’s most powerful figures across the public, private and third sectors, showing a shocking lack of diversity and sparking national media debate. Externally, Raj is now acting as special advisor to the PM’s Social Mobility Implementation Office and has contributed to many government-backed landmark diversity reviews, including The Parker Review. Green Park has won and been nominated for a number of awards, and Raj’s personal accolades include the Global Equality and Diversity Lord Noon Award.

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