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Raoul is committed to building a business where differences are celebrated and shared. His diverse team provides a wealth of opportunities for all to learn and expand their frames of reference via colleagues and peers. Unique to Exposure is the diversity of its network and the wide range of partner organisations it has worked with. A key ingredient to fostering an inclusive approach has been the actual workplace environment, which has helped facilitate a deep-rooted community feel within the agency. It was once described as “better than being at home.” Externally, Raoul uses his influence to drive diversity and inclusion in the community, and across his industry. In 2008 he took a position under Lord Kinnock as a Trustee of the British Council. Following a successful three year appointment, he remained in the post for an additional three years. He has been committed to supporting youth charities in London, has been recognised on various lists celebrating diverse leaders and is due to publish his first book this year entitled ‘Do Not Disturb.’

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