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At HSBC Wealth and Personal Banking, Canada, Raza is the Lead Advisor for Diversity and New Immigrant strategy to the CEO of the division. In this role, he provides advice on recruiting talent which is reflective of diversity and the organization’s communities, and on providing banking solutions that meet the needs of new immigrant clients, allowing them to build credit history in Canada and settle more quickly. He has also worked with community partners to provide newcomers mentorship and guidance on job searching and the Canadian job landscape. Raza is a member of the leading think tank, C.D. Howe Institute and its Financial Services Research Initiative Council, where he provides input into various initiatives including leveraging new immigrants and diversity in the financial services eco system.  As a Board Member of the Oakville Hospital Foundation, Raza is assisting the board in hiring more diverse members and is helping the hospital to engage with a wider donor community reflecting a broader ethnic background.  Raza is the proud recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and of the Canada Sesquicentennial Award for his contributions to Canada including on diversity and inclusion.

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