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Rocki’s passion is to create a work place where people can focus on having impact while leveraging their unique strengths and experiences. She has created an interview process that focuses on an individual’s potential, values and culture alignment. This process has resulted in unprecedented workplace diversity. Rocki conducts quarterly culture roundtables that provide colleagues a safe place to discuss company culture, respect, workplace challenges focusing on engagement. She has implemented an Employment Engagement committee that facilitates activities such as a Women’s Empowerment March and Cultural Luncheons. Externally, Rocki has been involved in several university Career Services Advisory boards. This allowed her to help identify, coach, mentor and hire minority students. She is a supporter and patron of GirlsRock Jacksonville, cultivating self-empowerment and positive identity development in girls, trans and gender non-conforming youth through music experimentation. She recently spoke with the City of Jacksonville on what it means to be a minority living, working and recruiting other minorities in the city. Rocki is growing a digital community to empower and support women over 40 and was recognized as Resource Solutions first Global Manager of the Year, during her first year with the organization.

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