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It is well known that the world of technology, startups and apps suffers from a wide range of systemic diversity issues and mindfulness apps are no different. Despite having historically Buddhist roots, as mindfulness and meditation have become more and more mainstreamed, secularised, and commodified, the role of people of colour has been reduced. Rohan therefore has the unique position of being the only industry leader with an Asian heritage and works hard to encourage others both publicly, through being a visible, different voice and privately through informal mentorship. Externally, he is a trustee of the British Council. As one of the few BAME board members and also the youngest trustee overall his presence is an important signal to young BAME talent of what kind of vital institutions and conversations they can be a part of and influence. Additionally, Rohan is regularly invited to speak at conferences and events and only accepts invitations which can themselves demonstrate a commitment to diversity.

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