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Roni is an engineering and environmental geologist, working for clients in the construction industry. As a British female of African heritage, Roni is passionate about empowering other women as well as those from an ethnic minority background, by putting herself forward as a role model.  She speaks regularly at events aimed at this cause, and regularly offers free mentoring, coaching and sponsoring opportunities. Roni is committed to social mobility and supports the YMCA, Mayor’s Fund, Churches and Colleges, demonstrating that people who look like her can attain leadership positions if they are willing to work for it. Roni set up a BAME Women Leaders in Engineering Movement to identify women who have been able to step up and step out, so that together, they can support future ethnic minority women. She regularly speaks at BAME empowerment events and was elected as FSB national lead for Women in STEM. Roni was named Black British Business Person of the Year in 2018 and uses her platform to speak openly about the need for diversity. She has received many industry awards and has been recognised in numerous publications.

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