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Rory has played an active role in championing and creating more inclusive workplaces for a number of years, most recently through mentoring ethnic minorities in the John Lewis Partnership, sponsoring one of their inclusion networks, informally advising senior leaders on their approach to inclusion, establishing a reverse mentoring initiative, and talking both internally and externally on matters of relevance to inclusive workplaces – engagement, inclusion and mental health. Outside his immediate workplace, Rory is a formal member of a number of external groups that seek to better enable people to ‘bring their whole selves’ to work. Through these communities, Rory undertakes speaking engagements, mentoring and networking with a focus on social change. Noting that BAME groups living in the UK are more likely to be diagnosed with mental health problems and yet are also less likely to engage with mainstream mental health services, he has enjoyed the opportunity to speak at industry and business conferences on the topic of diversity and inclusion, and mental health. Over the coming year, he is looking to work with charities and community interest groups that address themes that are of particular importance to BAME communities.

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