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As the Cultural Diversity Network’s (CDN) Executive Sponsor, Rupal creates and shapes strategy to make Fujitsu a place where everyone from all ethnic backgrounds want to work and succeed. He has helped create an ethnic minority mentoring scheme to support Fujitsu’s employees. He sponsored and spoke at a CDN panel event bringing together people from all ethnicities to discuss ethnic and cultural diversity, and ensures every recruitment panel is diverse to limit the effects of unconscious bias decisions. Externally, Rupal is first and foremost a role model to his 11 old son, demonstrating that a British born Indian can succeed in business. He mentors other ethnic minority people in and outside of work to ensure they have the support to achieve their potential in the workplace. Additionally, Rupal is a regular speaker, and is active on social media, often promoting research and articles which highlight the inequalities which exist in society and business for ethnic minorities, ensuring that the topic remains in the spotlight.

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