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In October 2017, to coincide with Black History Month, Samantha and her team launched the Colour Brave campaign. She distributed their message through variety of forums including sharing personal stories, a Colour Brave video, a pledge board and a panel discussion. Ahead of the campaign, Samantha presented the Colour Brave concept to all London office partners and Baker & McKenzie’s Global Chair. As a result, almost half of Baker & McKenzie employees signed the Colour Brave pledge, pledging to become comfortable with the uncomfortable conversations about race. Following the launch of Colour Brave, Samantha has continued to champion the ethnicity agenda through regular participation in Baker & McKenzie’s employee network group, BakerEthnicity. On being appointed to the London Management Committee, Samantha has sought to maximise her increased platform to pursue the agenda with her peers and she has supported the introduction of ethnicity workforce targets and publishing the ethnicity pay gap, alongside statutory gender pay reporting. Through the network, Samantha is not only introducing the concept of intersectionality to diversity discussions, but is also proactively building these conversations into relationship meetings with clients. She is an active participant and supporter of the POWER gender network, and is encouraging debates on race and gender through an intersectional lens. Samantha is also determined to launch a cross sector ethnic minority initiative, which encourages firms across the City to get together in a joint effort to embrace the Colour Brave concept.

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