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A Singapore-born Chinese, Sonia is a Director of Business Operations at Intuit, leading a team of 200 people responsible for payroll tax operations and risk operations. Throughout her career, Sonia has been driven by a lifelong appreciation for multicultural environments, and has led globally diverse teams around the world. During the 17+ years she was in Visa, she had championed a host of Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to counter potential biases and perceptions,. Last year, she co-hosted a Visa volunteer event with Peninsula College Fund to help low-income ethnic minority students navigate the journey from college to career. She was also the co-chair for Visa Women’s Network up until April 2018 when she joined Intuit. She has been an active mentor for a number of years, and is determined to continue her diversity work at Intuit and committed to building a pipeline of diverse talent. Externally, Sonia was a mentor for Aspire Foundation, mentoring aspiring women from the charities and social enterprises sector around the world of various backgrounds. She is currently a mentor for Everwise, to elevate Women in Tech.

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