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Driven by her upbringing in Singapore, Sonia has a lifelong appreciation for multicultural environments and has led globally diverse teams around the world. During the 17+ years she was in Visa, she championed a host of diversity & inclusion initiatives to counter potential biases. In 2017, she co-hosted a Visa volunteer event with Peninsula College Fund to help low-income ethnic minority students navigate the journey from college to career. She was also the Co-chair for Visa Women’s Network in 2017, and up until April 2018 when she joined Intuit.  Sonia now sits on the steering committee of Intuit’s Women Network and she is determined to continue her diversity work at Intuit and committed to building a pipeline of diverse talent. Externally, she mentors individuals with diverse backgrounds, including payment professionals around the world, women from the charities and social enterprises sector around the world, and ethnic minority talent in Tech, to help them fulfill their potential and reminding them they are worthy. In June 2018, Sonia joined the board of SPARC Initiative, a non-profit in San Francisco, focused on empowering the next generation of young leaders, especially those from underprivileged and underrepresented backgrounds, to catalyze and achieve their dreams through project-based learning and mentorship. 

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