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Suzan is a passionate leader at Visa, sponsoring a range of internal programs on recruiting and employee engagement designed to support the needs of the business and engage employees. As a powerful driver of inclusion, Suzan mandates that interview slates for every open position on her team include diverse talent. She has a demonstrable record of accomplishment in educating her peers on the importance of their role in creating an inclusive workplace where everyone feels valued and accepted. Suzan regularly participates, as an executive sponsor, in Visa’s Employee Resource Groups and is co-anchor of ViBE (Visa Inc Black Employees). She works to build awareness, and mentors both internally and externally. Through a partnership with Columbia Business School, Suzan hosted a joint event in Visa’s Innovation Center to open access to Visa for that year’s group of MBA students. In addition to her work responsibilities, Suzan has been a Board Member in organisations such as The Zawadi Africa Education Fund; Executive Leadership Council. She is also regularly invited to be a panel speaker on the topic of ethnic minority inclusion, and has earned a President’s Award for her work with the Red Cross in New York.

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