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In 2016, Tetlanyo co-founded the African Professional Network of Ireland, (APNI) a community that aims to connect, empower and foster collaboration between young, African professionals living in Ireland, particularly Dublin. Since its establishment, APNI has organized numerous events to promote diversity and inclusion in Ireland, in collaboration with organizations such as Facebook, Google, Citi and Dublin City Council. In 2017, Tetlanyo co-founded the Dublin Chapter of Facebook’s Black@. The chapter’s first big event was Africa Week, a celebration of Africa Day with the theme “Changing the Narrative of Africa” through experiencing different aspects of African culture. Tetlanyo aims to offer different images of Black people and of Africa to the ones often portrayed in mainstream media. For instance, the chapter wanted to get away from the Africa presented solely as a place that is poor, at war and dying, because these “single stories” or stereotypes not only present a distorted image, but they work against the progress of the African continent and Black people across the globe. Instead, Tetlanyo aims to show the vibrancy, huge potential and beauty of the continent and its people. Since then, the chapter has hosted various other initiatives that are focused on raising cultural competency internally and fostering a greater sense of inclusion for employees of colour.

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