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At GV Group, Tevin leads a diverse senior management team in terms of ethnicity and gender, and the company constantly review their recruitment policy to reflect the general society. GV has quotas of advertising in ethnically led publications and continue to monitor the ethnic make-up of its staff. Under Tevin’s leadership, GV monitor languages spoken by staff and issue memos accordingly. GV is proud of its success in attracting and retaining highly qualified BAME talent. Externally, Tevin chairs a charity called Inspirational You, which provides guidance to people of BAME background starting out in business through a range of initiatives, such as work experience, mentoring and business workshops. He recently chaired an Inspirational You event at the Houses of Parliament, designed to help young people understand the challenges of the world. Tevin is the only Black board member of Middlesex University, a university with over 60% ethnic minority. Along with other members encouraged the university to set up a buddy system to support new students throughout their first year, helping in particular the inclusion and retention of foreign students. He regularly contributes to university workshops and events, focusing on employment opportunity for students. Tevin also chairs and sponsors a university scholarship programme for people from underprivileged backgrounds, and is a patron of Springboard.

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